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Director of Facilities

EPA00995P Facilities Management - Director of Physical Plant EPA 08/02/2017

Assistant Director of Utilities Services and Operations

EPA00996P Facilities Management - Building Maintenance EPA 08/02/2017

Faculty Adjunct, Finance - Fall 2018

EPA01167P School of Business - Dean's Office EPA 01/22/2018

Faculty Adjunct, Decision Sciences - Fall 2018

EPA01165P School of Business - Dean's Office EPA 01/22/2018

Faculty Adjunct, Accounting - Fall 2018

EPA01164P School of Business - Dean's Office EPA 01/22/2018

Faculty Adjunct, Economics - Fall 2018

EPA01166P School of Business - Dean's Office EPA 01/22/2018

Building Environmental Services Technician - Housekeeping

SPA00342P Facilities Management - Housekeeping SPA 01/19/2018 01/29/2018
Work in this class involves providing institutional services support for State agencies and universities in the areas of building environmental services and laundry services. Employees perform a variety of duties in the care and cleaning of dormitories, offices, highway rest areas or welcome centers, and other state buildings. Work is guided by a daily schedule for general assignments. Work is … View Details Bookmark

Engineer - Project Manager

SPA00263P Facilities Management - Director of Physical Plant SPA 01/18/2018 01/31/2018
Positions in this banded class are responsible for consultation, investigation, evaluation and planning, design, design review and approval, and/or determination of environmental and safety impacts of work processes and products (buildings, utilities, systems, sites, mapping, or infrastructures); provide project management oversight, which may include supervision of lower level staff; oversee o… View Details Bookmark

Administrative Support Specialist

SPA00360P Student Affairs - New Student Services SPA 01/16/2018 01/26/2018
Positions in this banded classification are characterized by knowledge or skills particular to an area of specialization or process. Work requires specialized knowledge in the processing and application of information, documents and/or materials. The majority of time is allocated to tasks that involve several steps and require the selection of the most appropriate action within procedural and o… View Details Bookmark

Medical/Nursing Assistant

SPA00365P Student Affairs - Student Health Services SPA 01/16/2018 01/24/2018
Positions in this banded class perform basic patient care tasks, supportive counseling and a variety of treatments. Direct patient care duties include physical and personal care, assisting patients with activities of daily living, and performing routine treatments, under the close supervision of a Professional Nurse or Physician. Positions may also clean and maintain the patient care environmen… View Details Bookmark

Assistant Professor

EPA00980P Nursing EPA 01/16/2018


EPA01157P Student Affairs - Counseling Services EPA 12/19/2017

University Program Associate

SPA00359P College of Arts and Sciences - Dean's Office SPA 01/11/2018 01/25/2018
Positions in this banded class coordinate technical processing functions within a university program, often serving as the process and procedural expert. Positions coordinate the day-to-day functions of a program, plan and organize activities, communicate and interpret program information, policy and procedures, provide customer service to clients, and maintain business accounts and records. Wo… View Details Bookmark

Purchasing Director

EPA01145P Administration and Finance - Vice Chancellor's Office EPA

Admissions Counselor

EPA00833P Admissions EPA 08/25/2017

Research Scientist

EPA01136P Research and Economic Development - BBRI EPA 12/04/2017

Research Scientist

EPA01135P Research and Economic Development - BBRI EPA 12/04/2017

Program Manager

EPA01134P Research and Economic Development - BBRI EPA 12/13/2017

Research Scientist

EPA01137P Research and Economic Development - BBRI EPA 12/13/2017

Special Projects Coordinator

EPA01116P Student Affairs - Student Union EPA 12/08/2017

Web Developer

EPA01131P ITS - Web Services EPA 12/01/2017

Enterprise Systems Developer

EPA01128P ITS - Enterprise Information Services EPA 11/30/2017

Major Gifts Officer

EPA01111P Insitutional Advancement - Director of Development EPA 11/28/2017

Associate Director of University Scholars Program

EPA01095P Scholarship and Student Aid EPA 11/01/2017

Assistant Professor

EPA01105P English, Language and Literature EPA 11/13/2017

Research Scholar

EPA01091P Mathematics and Physics EPA

Director of Environmental Health and Safety

EPA01106P Facilities Management - Director of Physical Plant EPA 11/07/2017